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Thursday, January 31, 2008

One of my favorite quotes from President Hinckley is the one that says everything will work out. I have found this very helpful during times of stress and trial. I think he is right. Things do work out. Even when sad or bad things happen time seems to heal those things as well.
On the way to class this morning the car's engine stopped. Luckily it was at the top of a hill and I was able to coast until I found a convenient parking lot to stop in. When I turned the key after putting the car in park it started right back up and off I went.
I picked up my new friend to take her to class (she's over 80 and doesn't like to drive on the snow-packed roads) and it happened a couple of more times. On our way to her house after the class as we were passing Timpview it started making a very awful noise then clunked and stopped again. I was able to coast for quite a while, running the stop sign but this time when I stopped and turned the key it didn't make a sound.
What would I have done if Emily hadn't been playing basketball at Timpview? She came to our rescue which was nice because my friend Louine had an appointment at noon and this happened about 11:30. She took Louine home then she dropped me off. I was able to finally get in touch with Bus. He was able to call Larry's towing. I had to be at work at 1:00. Emily came home just in time to take me to meet the tow truck. She proceeded on her way to take her friend home then returned to take me to work after I had finished my business with the tow truck driver. I was even early today for a change.
See, it all works out. I even have faith that I will find a way home from work and will be able to get to Jethro and Robyn's before 7 to tend Lincoln. What a great day!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Really? A gun?

Wow. It's already 2008 and a month since I blogged last. So much fun in the last 4 weeks. We made quilts for the humanitarian center, 8 of them. We hosted a party for the ward family that was pretty nice. Fun family parties as well. This was our first Christmas with grandchildren. They are so much fun and so handsome. We were able to see the Bells Concert at the Conference Center but not the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with the King's Singers; we did get close to seeing it though. Christmas Day was a little traumatic for me. I think I'm recovered though. I didn't want a gun. Santa was just a little confused I guess. We enjoyed having all the children home for Christmas and before and after. I love the anticipation of Christmas the most. I loved doing sealings with the family. It was an incredibly warm and cuddly feeling that afternoon even though the weather outside was kind of cold and blowy. I loved playing games with you all as well. The present yesterday was so much fun too. Another little one in August/September. Sooo good. Thanks for all you do to enrich my life.

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