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Monday, August 04, 2008

Since my beautiful pictures of our campout will not load on here...
Imagine a tent in a forest of shimmery green shrubbery with three aspen trees lining the left border.
Next imagine a large cement pad with 9 picnic tables and a raised dutch oven platform.
Next imagine a quiet lake with trees completely surrounding it and mountains covered with pine trees in the distance.
Next picture is Bus walking through chest high greenery up a narrow hiking trail splashing mud.
The next day's pictures include a vista view of Utah Lake out beyond the canyons covered with pines and quakies, imagine the purple white and golden wildflowers.
The next photo is a view of the back side of Nebo where Matt and Emily climbed with their extended family members one day about 8 years ago. It is super steep and gray streaked with green brush and rocks. Another view is of the mini Bryce canyon-type formation near Nebo.
While the pictures tell part of the story, the rest of the story includes a wildfire that started just after we passed through the mouth of Payson canyon. It became so large that Maple Dell boy scout camp was evacuated Friday evening. This necessitated closing the road out of the canyon as well. Saturday morning the camp host rode his golf cart over to tell us as much and that we would have to leave via the road going toward Nephi. After we got breakfast over and had a ride in the canoe we packed up our camping and breakfast paraphernalia and started driving the "loop". It has been years since I last saw that spectacular scenery. What a glorious place.

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