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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thirty Years

I know I have been neglecting my blog. Sorry. When I asked for a title for my next post Emily said Thirty Years. Her reference here is the fact that our 30th anniversary was the day after Christmas. Quite an accomplishment in this day and time, they say. We have certainly had our share of ups and downs. I think marriage is actually designed for that. We grow from both the ups and downs. This year there is a special significance I guess with the diagnosis of Bus with leukemia two days before Christmas. We have hope that this will be one of the ups in our relationship in that it will help us strive to become even closer and more reliant on the Lord. I am grateful that the Lord sees fit to give us these challenges. We are both trying to put the best spin on we can. The family response has been great. Nothing but support and love. I felt a special bonding with our family during the holidays this year even without the usual trappings of Christmas (I didn't decorate this year due to the dust). I loved the thoughtful things done for me this year. Thanks guys.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Missionary Moment

Here is a letter I received this morning on my email. We taught this young 13 year old student right before I left Korea. He was the nephew of a strong member of our branch, Brother Song, Yoon Heon. Apparently when the New Horizon did their reunion tour this past October this young man came up to Elder Munoa and asked if he knew me. Elder Munoa and I have communicated over the past couple of years while he was on a temple mission in Korea so he had my email address and told Jae Joong that he would give me his email address. I wrote to him yesterday and received this today.

Dear Sister Spencer !

I am very happy to hear from you.

In fact I have never forgotten your name.

As you want to know about me, I will tell you some about me first.

Now I am 46 years old (45 in american age), I live in Daejeon city.

I married sister Jangdongran who is a daughter of Jang Byung soon ( he got baptised in 1972 in Cheong_ ju).

And now I have 3 children.

My first son, who is 12 years old can play the piano very well so his nick name is little Bethoven.

My daughter, who is 10 can play not only the piano but also violin well.

And my youngest son, who is 7 goes to kindergarten and he can also play the piano and easily make people laugh.

I graduated Yonsei University and majored in Business Administration.

Then I went to Daewoo Security company and failed in Investment.

So, I had great financial difficulty in my age of 31.

I quit my job and I had managed a Car washing shop for 3 years.

And finally I got married when I turned 34 and I started to study electronics, and I have been developing new electronic products.

My wife is an English teacher, she teaches adults and young students English.

And sometimes she translates for mission president's wife and american visitors at the church.

she translated for Elder Nelson's wife in 2006, when they came to Dae jeon.

She is far better than I in English.

I didn't serve as a missionary when I was young.

However my wife is a return misionary and she served in Seoul mission in 1988.

At the church I have been serving as a mission leader of my ward for 5 years.

We baptised 11 converters this year so far and the goal of the next year is to baptise 25 people.

I am really enjoying working with young and wonderful missionaries.

And my wife and I love missionaries and missionary work a lot.

Later I will send you some pictures.

And now I will explain about my uncle, Song Yoonheon.

He used to be the first Dae jeon stake president .

Now he became a patriarch.

He is a professor of a business department in Choong nam national University.

His wife,sister Byun MyungJa, runs a nursery school for the children under 36 months.

My uncle lives in Daejeon too, 10 minutes distance from my house.

They have 4 children.

Their first daughter, Jae in lives in Utah with her Korean husband.

The second daughter, who is a doctor lives in Phoenix and her Korean husband is a dentist.

The third son is a doctor in Korea and he lives in Daejeon.

the last son is now studying in Utah to become a doctor.

I will think about "what to show you." later.

Anyway I am very happy to contact you.

I hope you will stay healthy and happy.

with my best wishes,

Song Jaejoong.

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