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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grandma Chris


  This is a picture of my grandmother Marie Elisabeth Miller Christensen (1893-1988).  She is the one on the right.  Her brothers Morgan and John are the other two.  This was taken about 1899, probably in Nephi, Utah.  I rediscovered a testimony she had written for a book called "Jewels in My Crown" published about 1980 or so.  I have such a love for my grandmother.  She was a great example of being valiant in the face of adversity.  Her testimony will continue to bless the lives of her posterity.  Here are her words:

     "The love that I have for the precious jewels that have been entrusted to our care, to raise to manhood and womanhood, outshine all of the crown jewels of royalty.  Each one has a distinct mark of individuality, talent, and refinement.  What more can a parent desire than that those individuals portray honesty, integrity, good citizenship of this our own United States, plus love for one another.  It is my great desire that when I am called to leave this mortal existence that my dear ones will have a greater concern for one another. Please do not let your association with one another disintegrate.
     I am very proud of my family and their accomplishments.  I love them so dearly.  At this time I have 45 grandchildren and 43 great grandchildren.  They all give me much pleasure.  I enjoy visiting my family in their homes.  I hope and pray that I will never become a burden on my loved ones.
     While I still have my mental capacity, aside from being forgetful, I want very much to leave some advice to my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I love you all very dearly.  My life has never been what you call "eventful".  No college degree, no millions to boast of, not too colorful socially or otherwise, but a testimony of the goodness of our Heavenly Father.
     I did have eleven great events, to me they are great events.  I was criticized for having so many children.  One woman said to me, "We are going out for quality not quantity."  She only had two boys.  These things never hurt me because I was convinced I had both quality and quantity.  That same quality is carried forth in my grandchildren and great grandchildren.
     I am very much reminded that I am a child of God and that he loves me and has shown his love for me in so many, many ways.  My prayers have been answered, my trials have been faith-promoting consistently.
     Now in my late years I realize more than ever before what it means to keep the Lord's Commandments.  Study the scriptures while you are yet young, and really know what his promises are to the faithful.
     God loves you very much.  He has prepared the way to happiness and life abundant if you but follow His commandments.
     Stay close to Him through the channel of prayer.  Friends may be cool toward you and at times you may feel deserted.  Keep the line open between you and your Father in Heaven, and He will always be your friend.  Talk to him often, earnestly as you would your earthly father.  Be faithful, raise your families with a prayer on your lips.
     I bear you my testimony that I know he hears and answers your prayers in regard to raising your families and all aspects of your life.
     I love you all so dearly."

Thanks grandma.  Well said.

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