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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I made the mistake of going to the Quilted Bear last night. I haven't been in the store in Provo before. Two hours later with multiple bags in tow I staggered out. Its a good thing I don't go too often. But the bathroom looks cuter now and I love my new picture by the front door. I am even wearing a new t-shirt today and hope it makes up for the fact that I didn't want to put on make-up.
Today has been fantastic. Walking for an hour with Karen, visiting teachers, 4 hours at the red church reading old church records in German and now waiting for the apple crisp to cook so I can make another batch of banana bread, then sweet and sour pork for dinner. The best part is that there is no where to go tonight, just sit home and eat. You are all invited. No wait, stay home. I'm going to vej. Come next time.
P.S. Two mission calls today: Brian Spencer to Johannesburg and Nathan Spencer to Sao Paulo Brazil. So good. They leave the day(s) after Christmas for their respective MTCs in- country.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Have you ever had a day where everything goes a little haywire? I had a day like that yesterday. I had a list of things to accomplish and I was bravely attempting to conquer it. But then the bottles with carrots that I had just put in the pressure cooker started breaking. I lost 6 or 7 pints in the four batches I cooked. Then the pressure cooker lid wouldn't come off each time. As I was fixing dinner (while at the same time trying to finish the carrots and make triple berry jam) I put the hot zucchini soup into the blender and it splashed all over the cupboard, into the toaster, all over the light under the cupboard, everywhere. I guess I had put too much in the blender. I put a package of sauce into the microwave to warm it up. It burst the bag with a loud pop but only spilled a little bit. The kitchen was a huge mess.
There were so many pots and pans to clean. But there was only one thing on my mind. I was going to see our new baby boy, Lincoln. Bus and I went over to their house and were able to hold him for a while. He is an active, alert and strong little guy. He started to fuss a little bit so we quickly handed him over to his mom. He settled right down. He is in good hands.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Clown collar award to Robyn. She delivered a beautiful baby boy yesterday morning. His name is Lincoln James and he weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and was 19 inches tall. He has a little bit of light brown hair. We went to the hospital in American Fork soon after he was born and were able to watch his first bath. He has a good lusty cry and great reflexes. I forgot to take my camera so Jethro and Robyn will have to post those. But trust me, he is a beautiful boy. Congratulations to the new parents! Well done.

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