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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last month I agreed to work for Audrey for today and even though I realized it would be a crazy week I said I would. She called me last Thursday to tell me her surgery had been canceled and I wouldn't need to work. I was quite relieved actually. I had agreed to work at Utah Valley Wednesday morning so that would be two days in a row working full time, not leaving much time to get stuff ready for Thanksgiving. I had planned the day out carefully so I would have time to get everything prepared.
This morning when I returned from my walk with the girls there was a phone message waiting. Apparently, unbeknownst to me I had been scheduled to cover a shift in urgent care at BYU in place of my being canceled by Audrey. I was already 40 minutes late and I still needed to get showered and dressed. Somewhat begrudgingly I hurried and got ready, packed a left-overs lunch and got in the car. Turned the key and nothing. Tried multiple times over the next 10 minutes with the same result. Got under the hood, jiggled some wires still nothing. Called my trusty visiting teacher to bail me out. She came quickly and drove me to the Health Center. When I arrived and explained my situation to my co-workers it suddenly occurred to me that I had a hair appointment at 2 and now I had no way to get there. My boss had said he would cover for the hour I needed to go. I think he felt bad about what had happened.
When I told him about my dilemma he offered his car for the appointment. Nice guy.
When I pulled into the hair salon my friend and stylist Robyn hurried in to apologize that the lady before me hadn't told her that she wanted her hair colored so she was double booked for that hour. But she would see what she could do to expedite my haircut. Between three of them I was finished and back to work in an hour. Things always work out. I just hope I can get a ride home from work.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I got a call from the A-1 Uniform store yesterday. They had my phone. The battery was dead so they took it to a Cingular store to get recharged. She looked in my directory and found my "grandma", called her and she gave them my home phone. So nice. Apologies to Jan for missing the calls. Kudos to A-1 Uniform store for going the extra mile.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On the off-chance that anyone has tried to call me on the cell since last Thursday this is just to let you know that my phone has been missing since then. If I haven't returned a message that would also be my excuse. I am on the lookout for it but I'm sure the battery is dead so it is more of a challenge. Please continue your patience with me in this matter.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

ISFJ - "Conservator".
Desires to be of service
and to minister to individual
needs - very loyal.
13.8% of total population.

I find these tests very interesting. We took several during our nursing training. I'm never sure that I answer the questions the way I really am or the way I wish I was. Anyway, thanks Jan for the momentary diversion. Now I'll get back to my service project...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some days my brain doesn't work as well as others. Today for instance. After our walk I thought I had a free morning. I was doing some work on the computer for a while. Then Emily came down the stairs about quarter to ten and announced she was ready for our class at the church. I was still in my walking clothes. Plus, I remembered at that moment that I had told Kathy Shumway I would come and tend her two little kids while she went to the class. I didn't have time to change so I went to Kathy's as I was. She called soon after she left and asked if it was OK if she went to the store after class to get a couple of things. I thought for a moment and said it was probably OK, not remembering the conversation on our walk that we would all meet at Tahitian Noni cafe for lunch at 11:30. Thankfully she didn't go to the store after all but came home. I visited with her for a few minutes, still not remembering that I had the lunch date. After I came home and put the hamburger in the microwave to defrost I suddenly remembered the lunch date. I was supposed to be there in 15 minutes. I still needed to shower and get dressed. I was 10 minutes late for lunch but enjoying the company and the terrific food when it hit me that the hamburger was still in the microwave. I did make it safely to work after stopping off at home. I'm almost afraid to go home to discover/remember the next disaster.

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