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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Daunted

Playing around south of Escalante, this represents the scenery for the first 2 hours on the washboard that claimed to be a road. We didn't see many signs of life during this time.

We were a little surprised that things could get worse but ran across this sign warning of road damage. Looked like the road had been partially washed away during a recent storm.

We passed this landmark called "The Hall" about 40 miles into our trek. Pioneers camped near here at 40 mile spring while the scouts were trying to figure out the rest of the route. They played, danced and generally enjoyed their time at this awesome place.

Some of the beautiful scenery at the end of the 50 mile mountain range.

After 3 grueling hours and 54 miles we finally met our match.

Doesn't look that bad from this picture but when Bus tried to go up in our Subaru, the nose of the car hit the rock. We had just heard from the man in the 3rd truck we passed that the "hole" was only 1-1/2 miles farther so we packed up our lunch and headed out on foot.

After hoofing it for about 40 minutes we could finally see "the hole". If you enlarge this photo look carefully along the distant ridge and you will see it too. It was about here that a nice couple from Highland picked us up and drove us to the end.

We rummaged around in this registration box discovering that the pages were already full of names. After shutting the lid we noticed this big spider :(

First glimpse of the payoff. Hard to believe the pioneers actually went down this with their wagons and horses.

At first it didn't look like the lake was that far away. When I came as an 8 year old the lake hadn't been built and the river looked a lot farther away than this. We saw all kinds of kids up there barefoot and in flip-flops so decided it couldn't be that hard and started down.

After slip-sliding for an hour we decided before we left the shade that the better part was to eat lunch here and skip the last thousand yards of hard steep loose dirt trail. The view was amazing and the day was perfect, slight breeze, 75 degrees. Those are boats down in the lake. Lots of people were climbing this trail with us. We started back up and found that while we were breathing heavier, we were able to go up faster than we were going down. I am so stiff today though. Quite a good workout.

Ten extra points if you know the meaning of this picture.

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