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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Let your light so shine

You've heard the story about the BYU Jerusalem Center where the church promised not to proselyte if they would let the church build it?  Signed all kinds of papers promising not to leak the gospel to anyone anywhere in Israel.  After it was all said and done one Israeli official lamented, well they may not proselyte but what are we going to do about the light in their faces?

I found this quote on one of my favorite blogs today:

The Lord said,“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”(Matthew 5:16)

President Davis O. McKay explains how we accomplish this command.

“There is another responsibility correlated and even co-existent with … agency, which is too infrequently emphasized, and that is the effect not only of a person’s actions, but also of his thoughts. Man radiates what he is, and that radiation affects to a greater or lesser degree every person who comes within that radiation” (“Free Agency … the Gift Divine,” Improvement Era, February 1962, 87). 

So within each of our souls is a light, the source of our own aura. This light within us, when we are in tune with the Holy Ghost, becomes a bright white aura that permeates around each person who is spiritually in tune with God. When Satan sends tempting thoughts to entice us to think evil, he does not know our thoughts. How does he know that we are giving into his enticements to think evil? He knows this because he can see our personal aura diminishing from bright white, while filled with the Holy Spirit, to less and less light as we withdraw ourselves from the Holy Spirit into sin. 

Thus we see that letting your light so shine is real. People can sense that there is something pure and uplifting about you when they are near you. Those souls who are sincerely seeking spiritual enlightenment will be led by the Light of Christ to us as we are led by the Holy Ghost to them for the blessing of both, that both might be uplifted and edified. So many of our nonmember friends and family are seeking spiritual enlightenment but know not where to find it. Let them find it in us.

We are commanded to become a power for good upon the earth. By drawing nearer to the source of all righteous spiritual power, Our Heavenly Father, we are able to shine forth as a light into the darkness and influence many others to come unto us so that together we can come unto Christ so that He, Our Savior, can take us home to God.

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