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Glad you came. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This past week was so delightful. I loved having Jan and Clark here to play with. There were several highlights including the trip to Ikea with many of the female members of the family and eating so many meatballs. Then we watched Em's team win their softball game. Ben found a great deal on the softballs they were clearing out. Jethro has now offered to draw pictures on them and adopt them into the family...There was the cake making event, the sewing events, girl's night out and scrapbooking event combined with the cake eating event. We crammed a lot of fun into a week. We are getting better at Puerto Rico, the game. We will have to practice some more though because Jan buried us all that last go round.
Thanks for adding a colorful thread to the fabric of my life the past week. You are all so interesting and fun to be around.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I have loved reading your blogs this past week. You are all insightful and fun people. I love getting a glimpse into your lives and what you are involved in or thinking about. Thanks so much for sharing these things with the world.
This afternoon at work we were less busy and I happened upon this article that kept me fascinated in spite of its length. The link is http://pewforum.org/events/?EventID=148
Richard Bushman was interviewed and questioned by reporters from many of the nation's biggest media outlets about Mormonism. He is a master communicator. Mitt Romney's campaign has been a major impetus for people in the nation to find out about the church. This was good PR for our side. I encourage you to peruse this when you have a minute. I think he deserves our clown collar award this week.

Monday, June 04, 2007

We have a new clown collar award to announce. Drum roll please...
Matt has finally finished his Eagle Scout Award! He just has some paperwork to finish up but everything else is done. Yeah Matt.

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